Deep dive into Ophthalmology: Beyond the Basics

Course is designed to advance your knowledge, skills and experience on diagnosis and management of ophthalmic problems encountered in everyday practice. Lectures will help to get on the road to professional success. Advices for future ophthalmologists who are starting thier long career. You will get answers about which type of practice works best for you. Overview of most common or even less known disorders and surgeries in this field. 

Course includes practical lessons in the clinic.


  1. How to succeed in Ophthalmology. Guide for Grants, Observership, fellowship programs and more.
  2. Cataract Surgery: Past, Present, Future
  3. Eye examination devices and equipment
  4. Seeing beyond the eye: Neurological disorders and eye
  5. Ocular manifestations of systemic diseases
  6. Review of retinal disorders
  7. Decision making in Glaucoma treatment
  8. Ophthalmic update: Whats new around eye and in the eye
  9. Cases from all over the world
  10. Ophthalmology Surgical videos with explanations
  11. Clinic based practical training

After the successful completion of the training , you will receive international certificate.


ზურა ღლონტი

Doctor in Ophtalmology Aversi Clinic and S.Khechinashvili University Hospital. Participated in Cataract phacoemulsification training. Agra Eye Center, Agra, India. 2023, 3 month Fellowship program in Pediatric and neuro-ophthalmology. Ankara University Hospitals. Ankara, Turkey; 2023, Observership Program in Pediatric Opthlamology Department, Yeditepe Unviersity Hospitals, Istanbul, Ankara; 2021 and Observership Program in Glaucoma department; Queens Medical Center, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trsut; Nottingham, UK; 2020

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  • პერიოდი03/03/2024 - 15/04/2024
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