Insurance Business 101

The training is a combination of all the important topics that are relevant in today's insurance industry and what anyone interested in the field should know. The training syllabus covers all the main directions of the insurance market. During the training, equal time will be devoted to an overview of the insurance industry and a thorough study of the available insurance products.

Teaching techniques and presentations will be presented in a structured, easy to understand and logical manner. The used theoretical material and practical examples will be the latest and relevant to the current situation in the insurance sector (Georgia and the world).


  • Session 1
    • Historical origin of insurance
    • Insurance and risk
    • Basic concepts/terms of insurance
    • Overview of the insurance market
  • Session 2
    • Insurance contract standard
    • Application form
    • Important aspects of the contract
    • Reinsurance
    • Stakeholders participating in insurance activities
  • Session 3
    • Non-life insurance
    • Auto insurance CASCO
  • Session 4
    • Non-life insurance
    • Property insurance
    • ALL RISK
  • Session 5
    • Health insurance
    • Compensation principles
  • Session 6
    • Accident insurance
    • Life insurance
  • Session 7
    • Civil liability insurance
    • Professional liability insurance
  • Session 8
    • Travel insurance
    • Domestic tour insurance
    • Liability insurance of travel companies
  • Session 9
    • Cargo insurance, open policy
    • Carrier Liability Insurance

After completing the training, you will receive a bilingual certificate


Mariam Khutsishvili

Head of Corporate Sales Department of Prime Insurance Company. Affiliate Professor of the University of Business and Technology (BTU), Guest Lecturer of Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

₾550 ₾ 875
  • Duration1 month and 1 week
  • Schedule

    Tue 19:00-20:00
    Thur 19:00-20:00

  • Language Georgian