Art of Corporate Sales

The purpose of the training:

To enable sales professionals to increase their knowledge, hear advices and strategis based on trainer's wide experience and adapt it to their current sale challenges.

Training format

  • 10 trainings (session duration 1 hour)
  • Trainings will be held in online format


  • The importance of sales for B2B businesses
  • How to work on lead generation
  • Customer Contact Approaches
  • Cold calling and email communication
  • The importance and methods of follow-up interviews
  • The art of negotiations - tricks, strategies
  • Workshop on dramatization of negotiations
  • Close the client
  • Client portfolio management
  • Customer retention strategies

After successfully completing the training, you will receive a bilingual certificate.


Natia Maisuradze

Corporate sales business partner - GPI Holdinh

₾600 ₾ 850
  • Duration1 month and 7 days
  • Schedule

    Tue 20:00-21:00
    Sat 20:00-21:00

  • Language Georgian